Hybrid Servers

CPU Processor CoresRamSpaceBandwidthIPv4Price
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v22 x 2.2GHz8GB100GB SSD10 TB5$25/mo
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v24 x 2.2GHz16GB200GB SSD10 TB5$50/mo
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v28 x 2.2GHz32GB400GB SSD10 TB5$150/mo

Looking for a server with different specifications? No problem, contact us today with your requirements for a quote. Budget Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Hudson Valley Host’s Budget Dedicated Servers are self-managed (unmanaged) which means that you are in charge of installing any desired software, control panel configuration & updates. This low-cost, dedicated solution is perfect for the experienced system administrator who wants to fully manage the server themselves, without anyone else to get in the way.

Upgrades and Add-Ons such as IP Addresses (with proper justification) and extra hard drives are available as well to help you scale your web presence & business as you grow.

CPU ProcessorCoresThreadsRamSpaceBandwidthPrice
Intel Xeon E3-1240V24 x 3.4GHz816GB1000GB HDD10TB$65/mo
Intel Xeon E3-1240V34 x 3.4GHz816GB1000GB HDD10TB$75/mo
Dual Intel Xeon E5-262012 x 2GHz1264GB1000GB HDD10TB$225/mo

What's Included ?

All of our dedicated servers include:

  • 5 Usable IPs
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
  • Full Root Access
  • 24-7 Technical Support

Extra IP for Dedicated Servers

IP SubnetIP'sUsable IP'sPrice ($)

Network Locations

  • Buffalo, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles,CA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Dallas, TX